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2012  the absolute sound Editors' Choice Awards winner



TRANSPARENT THE LINK is listed in the absolute sound in the article entitled, "The 30 Greatest Bargins in High-End Audio".

The next better one listed goes for $200...  and that's without the100 hours of professional break-in. 

This set has been burned-in at Acoustic Transducers Laboratories.

An explanation about interconnect break-in at Acoustic Transducers Laboratories:
* The cables are loaded at both ends with the expected loads.
* A signal is fed through them for, at least, 100 hours.
* The signal is a random series of sine waves (sine waves are what make up music) having equal energy per third octave.
* This break-in service is for our system design customers only (or for our evaluation of prospective products).

P.S. The Link by TRANSPARENT beat our previous chosen cables: the KimberKable PBJ, by a lot; and the modified KimberKable 8TC beat the much less expensive The Wave by TRANSPARENT, but not by much.

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