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The two most difficult system designs were done in this room, The Music Room or the Home Theater (I have capitalized the word “The” in The Music Room title because the quality of the sound is of such extremely high caliber that it can be referred to as a reference music reproduction system), and the Bedroom System (The Family Entertainment system was relatively easy because the configuration of the room dictated where the components needed to be placed.  But, even though the configuration of the bedroom dictated where the components needed to be placed, the design was difficult because of wall and roof construction).


The Home Theater room began life as a study / fourth bedroom.  But, since the couple (read: husband) wanted a music room and their children had moved away (and they wanted to keep it that way), they agreed to have relatively extensive modifications done to the room to accommodate a sound system as best as possible.


The preliminary evaluations were to acoustically test the room, and then evaluate the results with respect to need to determine the best configuration with respect to possible modifications of the room.


The basic problem with that the room was too small to accommodate the proposed system that would have extended low frequency capability because the husband loved pipe organ music.

What was done to best solve this problem was:

·         Remove the comprehensive, floor-to-ceiling shelving.

·         Remove the closet.

·         Remove the hall door.

After the room was finished, painted, and carpeted; extensive acoustic testing was done.  As predicted, the room had a resonance peak at about 60 Hertz, and even with specialty carpet in place, the room was acoustically too live.


What was done to best solve these problems were:

·         Install ASC quarter-round acoustic dampeners.

·         Install custom drapery on the large picture window.

·         Install custom drapery on the glass French doors.

·         Install three, specifically chosen, hand woven rugs on the walls.

·         Install and calibrate a customized Phoenix Systems parametric equalizer.

Then, the audio/video components and equipment were advised, selected, procured, broken-in, calibrated, installed, and then enjoyed and enjoyed and enjoyed....

The french door entrance to The Music Room (the Home Theater).



We start with a view of those entrance doors from the inside.  We will now rotate counter-clockwise to view the rest of the room.  Next is a view of the The Reference Loudspeaker System, the DRM Stage II SW, with TV.  Then, we have a view of the equipment wall.  Last is the view of the entrance doors, again.

The components and equipment:

  • ASC Quarter Round acoustic treatment

  • Phoenix Systems Parametric Equilizer, modified 

  • Parasound Halo JC-3 phono pre-amplifier

  • Parasound Halo A-23 power amps, broken-in

  • VPI Turntable Base

  • DRM Stage II SW Reference Loudspeaker system

  • McIntosh MR-77, calibrated

  • Onkyo A-45 rear interated amplifier and surround sound decoder

  • B&W 7 Mk II loudspeaker, surround speakers

  • Kimber Kable 4TC speaker wire, modified

  • Kimber Kable 4PR speaker wire

  • Transparent Audio The Link RCA Interconnects, broken-in

  • Transparent Audio PowerLink AC power cord, broken-in

  • Rogue Audio Titan Magnus Metis Preamplifier, modified

  • Rega RP-6 turntable, broken-in

  • 3 CWD High Boy walnut component cabinets

  • CWD Low Boy walnut component cabinet

  • Audio Control SA-3055 real-time spectrum analyzer with calibrated microphone

  • B&K 1472C oscilloscope

  • RCA WV-120A voltage meter, calibrated

  • Oppo BDP-83, Blu-Ray, DVD, and CD player

  • Samsung PN51D7000 3D/2D TV, broken-in, calibrated

  • Samsung BD-D6500 3D/2D Blu-Ray player

  • ClearAudio Virtuoso Wood phono cartridge

  • Logitech Hamony One remote control with custom programming to operate 4 different systems

  • Panamax Max 4300

  • Lots of LP recordings

  • Coming soon: A large wool "Persian" rug for the floor - it will help the acoustics in the seating area.

  • Coming soon: A 1927 Gilbert Model 53 (Standard) "Tone Reflector" Gramophone made in the UK, a console record player with a Garrard turntable - it will balance the acoustics in the seating area.

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