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Although the original goal was to have comforting music in both adjoining rooms AND keep the price very affordable, these goals could not be achieved.

The least expensive full execution system would have required installing four pairs of Parasound C 65 V2 in-ceiling speaker systems, plus: wiring, separate receiver (could have been a relatively inexpensive one because of the unique connecting scheme that was needed to create a uniform stereo sound field), and remote repeater - all could have been done in this particular home.  We have done such rooms before and it works out wonderfully.  In fact, this is the basic design we use for restaurants and offices.  But, in all cases, the locations of the speaker systems and the wiring configuration are critical.

The second design consideration was to have two sets of carefully selected speaker systems mounted on the outside wall with a unique wiring scheme that could create a uniform stereo sound field.  But, this design was rejected because the very large picture widow negated the necessary spacing of the speaker systems.

The third and accepted design was to create a deep and soothing sound field for the one part of the room that is guaranteed to be used the most: the formal dining area.  This required a careful selection of the speaker systems to convert them from the typical semi-omnidirectional sound field to a true unidirectional one.


The components:

  • A carefully selected "Theater-in-a-Box" 5.1 system that fit the unique needs of the finalized design

  • Logitech Hamony One remote control with custom programming to operate 4 different systems.

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