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Since 1968,

offering the many gifts of music… and of sound with sight… enjoyed by all, all of the time

through innovative, knowledgeable, high value, high-fidelity A/V system designs.

The secret...

...behind our ability to create high-value, high-fidelity home audio with video systems that offer you the many gifts of music: the KNOWLEDGE from over four decades of researching the art of true high-fidelity music reproduction what we coined as Psychoacoustics.



Above is our Research, Testing, and Calibration Laboratory.


Which other design service or retailer has one?  

More specifics of what the Research, Testing, and Calibration Laboratory at ACOUSTIC TRANSDUCERS LABORATORIES does.


It tests the performance capabilities of:

·         Pre-amplifiers.

·         Power amplifiers.

·         Tuners.

·         CD players.

·         Loudspeaker drivers.

·         Loudspeaker cross-overs.

·         Component combinations.

Also, it tests:

·         The frequency responses of a loudspeaker (or loudspeaker system) in a quasi-anechoic environment.

·         The overall performance of a loudspeaker in the selected room environment.

·         Room resonances.

·         Overall system quality.

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