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Since 1968,

offering the many gifts of music… and of sound with sight… enjoyed by all, all of the time

through innovative, knowledgeable, high value, high-fidelity A/V system designs.

Discovering the Many Gifts of Music... for the First Time

    I still remember clearly that night that I heard my music for the first time, years after I started listening to music.  It was the first time I heard a real high-fidelity system.

    To help you get your first high-fidelity music reproduction system, I have assembled a list of those components I would recommend you get.  And I'll be giving you a few pointers how to set it up.

    Now, the first and only rule-of-thumb for any audio system, be it stereo or odd-point-whatever A/V system: spend 75% of your budget on the speaker systems.  Yeah, most of you won't and mine doesn't either because there is so much ancillary equipment in today's A/V systems.

The electronics:

Tube fans: Rogue Audio Chronos Magnum, $2,195 - may need tube rings becasue of sympathy ringing


Solid state fans: Parasound Halo P 5 preamplifier and Parasound Halo A 23 power amplifier, about $2,150.

The speaker system: GoldenEar Triton Two, $2,998 per pair - use the rule of thirds to place them.

Turntable: Rega RP3 with Elys 2 cartridge, $1,095 - level it using index cards

CD/DVD/Blu-ray/3-D player: Oppo BDP-103, $499

Speaker wire: KimberKable 4PR, $78 per 8-foot pair, bare leads - tin the leads.

Interconnects:  Transparent Audio The Link RCA Interconnects, $90, one meter pair - clean the terminals with rubbing alcohol.

Use a solid stand (cinder block and plywood worked for me).

P.S. We are not a dealer for any other the above brands except Parasound, but we use every brand in our show rooms.

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