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Basic Design Philosophy

    Actually, this room is called The Music (with Video) Room because the main function of it is to reproduce the music as faithfully as possible.

    The easiest way to do that is to get a two-channel, high-fidelity audio system and add a TV.  That is what we did.  Interestingly, whenever anyone wants to watch a video program, be it TV, DVD, Blu-ray or 3-D; this is the room chosen even though we have a state-of-the-art 8.4 demo room.  

   So, you want "surround-sound" for your movies.  OK, here's how you do it without messing up the music reproduction.  Add a "quadapter" rear sound system - that's what we did.

   OK, OK, you want your odd-point-odd, Dolby-whatever surround-sound system.  Again, our main goal is the fidelity of the music... now, sound.  Over the many years that we've been doing this from stereo to quadraphonic to 5.1 to 7.1 to 9.2, we have realized the severe limitations created by the (de)evolution of "surround sound".  So, we developed the SeriesX Certified speaker array that eliminated the many errors the turn-'n-burn sales fraternity has bestowed upon us consumers.  Fortunately, you can use a standard odd-point-whatever receiver and get superior sound with our SeriesX Certified speaker array.  To learn more, go to the SeriesX Certified Speaker Design web page.

Home Theater (Music Room) Design Service Detail

Again, this example is "typical" of using the "Bonus Room" that is in most of today's homes and turning it into THE ROOM for entertainment.

With many other "custom" design services, the first component to be selected is the TV... actually the screen size of the TV since their design philosophy may be "the bigger, the better" or, in other words, go to the lowest common denominator (the bigger, the better; so that we can more easily justify charging more money and go down from there).  With us, the TV is the last thing we select.  Because we have learned from doing this for decades (we were the first retailer in Colorado to create a Home Theater, and it had high-fidelity sound and accurate surround sound) that a truly satisfying Home Theater experience starts with the sound.

The Home Theater or, as I like to call it, the Music Room with TV needs to have THE BEST sound system because quality, realistic, high-fidelity sound is what brings the emotions to the music and the “experiences” to the movie.

To that end, our design service concentrates on faithful audio reproduction.

That starts with the main speakers and the room - together.  Then, the order of integrating the components are: the power amplifiers(s); the input devices (turntable system, tuner, DVD player); the pre-amplifier; the surround-sound integrated amplifier and the surround sound speaker systems (with the interconnects chosen with the particular component); and last, and least important, the TV (even though it is the last, the selection of it is still important and difficult).

The hard part of a successful (satisfying) design is determining how the room will work the best.  In this example, the room presented many problems with most of them typical of the bonus rooms in most of the homes.

Oh, we can design a Home Theater with the many add-ons to make it look spectacular (wall sized screen with behind the screen speaker systems; screen curtains; theater seating with sloped floor; side, dimmable lighting; full, wireless, color displayed remote control; multiple, side speakers; etc.) that's easy – frosting on the cake.  But, you’ve got to have a good cake to put any frosting on or you just got sweet with no filling. 


This picture shows:

  • The component racks.

  • The acoustic dampening for the large picture windows.

  • The acoustic dampening for a wall.

  • The corner acoustic dampening.

> for more details about designing a Home Theater or a Music (with video) Room, click this link.

Benefits using any of our design services:

  • Best-options selection of system capabilities vs. customer desires.

  • Much better selection of the all-important speaker systems.

  • Most cost and performance effective selection of the all of the components.

  • Correct placement of the speaker systems (critical) and the rest of the components.

  • Best routing of the cabling.

  • Accurate assistance in the installation.

  • The very important, accurate calibration of the completed system.

  • Lower overall price since we use our decades of selling experience and testing knowledge to suggest the best products for the price.

  • You only pay for what you directly get because the decades of design and product knowledge is “free” with the service, you only pay for the direct design and research time.


This picture shows:

  • The TV stand and TV.

  • The DRM Staged II SW.

  • The acoustic dampening for two walls.

  • The acoustic dampening for the corner.

> for more details about designing a Home Theater or a Music (with video) Room, click this link.

This is the DRM Staged II SW — a product of $30,000,000 worth of multi-year, multi-test mule research by a major speaker manufacturer (Diatone) to create the badly needed Digital Reference Monitor (DRM) to correctly monitor what digital recording can produce, and four decades of studying the psychoacoustics of hearing music within rooms and the necessary speaker design to reproduce music with Reference High-fidelity to modify these studio monitors for home use with superior reproduction ability (Staged).

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