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Since 1968,

offering the many gifts of music… and of sound with sight… enjoyed by all, all of the time

through innovative, knowledgeable, high value, high-fidelity A/V system designs.

Acoustic Transducers Laboratories offers a complete design service to create a custom designed, high-value, high-fidelity home audio with video system.

How do we achieve this lofty goal?

1. By using four decades of audio/video research by a degreed engineer using a research, testing, and calibration laboratory; research based on the psychoacoustics of hearing music.

2. By using four decades of retail sales experience of audio/video equipment based on getting the customer the highest value, most natural sounding audio equipment available.

3. By always having the goal: “Offer the many gifts of music (and of sound with sight) that are enjoyed by all, all of the time, all of their lives” via innovative, knowledgeable, realistic, and successful A/V systems.

4. By having the surround-sound audio systems we design being SeriesX Certified — a superior speaker configuration offering ten hearable improvements over conventional ones.

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Overview of A/V System Design Service


1. Interview the customer to determine what the "wish list" is.        

2. Study the room to determine what actually can be done.

3. Dialogue with the customer to decide what should be done.                   

3. Design the system to be a truly high-fidelity and synergistic system, i.e. the best sound at the lowest cost.              

4. Recommend the components and suggest where to get them.

5. Inspect the installation to be sure that the design is being followed correctly.

6. Test the system to be sure that all of the components are operating and the system is operating as designed .

7. Calibrate the system to get the maximum performance possible out of the system

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SeriesX Certified Speaker Design Service


The conventional A/V surround-sound speaker configuration was an add-on to an add-on to an add-on that forced major compromises.  Recognizing these limitations, we took a clean sheet approach, solving off of them with the SeriesX Certified speaker array.

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Home Theater A/V System Design Service

For this system, we start with the loudspeaker/room integration since that makes the biggest difference in the overall sound and therefore the overall enjoyment of the system. This system does not use the SeriesX Certified speaker array design.

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Family Room A/V System Design Service

For this system, we ask how the family will be using this system — this will tell us how to be integrate the room with the speaker systems with that makings the biggest difference in the overall sound and therefore the overall enjoyment of this system.  This system definitely does use the SeriesX Certified speaker array design.

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Bedroom A/V System Design Service

For this system, we take the same approach as with the Family (Entertainment) Room with this usage being more easily defined, but more difficult to achieve since inconspicuousness is more important. This system can use the SeriesX Certified speaker array design.

> More details...

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Dining Room Audio System Design Service

For this system, we take the same design approach as we would with an office or a restaurant - create a soothing, not irritating, music background that relaxes the "clienteil".

> More details...  

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Church A/V System Design Service

Typically church systems are very poorly designed since there is a common belief that there is only one way to design it — build-in a typical PA system.


With a little open-mindedness, we can design a vastly more intelligible and better viewing system.

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Other A/V System Design Services

  • Restaurant Background Music System Design Service

  • Office Background Music System Design Service

  • Recording Studio Audio System Design Service

  • Sound Masking System Design Service

  • Etc. Design Service

Many architectual companies and custom A/V installation companies do not have the engineering expertise and the laboratory to actually custom design any system - so, they use a cook book approach, i.e. "if a system was installed elsewhere, we can install it here"... regardless of the quality of the outcome.


Unfortunately, the room, the equipment, the installation, and the listeners experience get in the way of a satisfying sounding system.


ACOUSTIC TRANSDUCERS LABORATORIES  learned those facts decades ago and spent the time, expertise, effort and money to find the solutions to create a truely satisfying audio with video system. 

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What is the most expensive mistake in any audio or audio/video system?


Having the wrong plan!


It's not the individual components.

You can have the most expensive items out, but if they are not compatible, the system may exaggerate the errors that are in any component.  It's like buying a Ferrari and putting very high quaity truck tires on it.


It's not the system.

An example:  I went to a resturant to evaluate their sound problem that they thought was the system even though it was a highly recommended and often used one.  I determined that it was not the system, it was the room... and the sound system being the wrong one for that particulare room.


It's not the installation.

An example:  I had designed and installed several audio systems for HP.  Then, HP decided to have a company I did not recommend do the installation.  The system failed immediately.  I diagnosed that the installers had shorted out the cabling and the installers did not understand that a zero ohm impediance was wrong - the HP engineer assigned to the system had to tell  them after they did not believe me.

Another example.  I went to a church ot evaluate their system to find that the basic equipment was marginally OK, but the cook-book installation had caused the system to screech that irrated all of the partitioners.


It's not the testing.

Any system can test to be functional, i.e. it works; but does it sound the best that it can - that's where calibration comes in.  It's like buying a Ferrari and not having it tuned up.


It's not just having calibration equipment.

An example, for a while, I worked for the top custom installation company in Austin, Dyer Electronics.  One day while searching the storeage area to find stock for an installation of mine, I found an Audio Control SA-3050A real-time spectrum analyzer- just like the one in our Research, Testing, and Calibration Laboratory, only less so.  I asked the top designer there if he had ever used it.  He said no.  I asked him if the company had the necessary factory supplied microphone, cabling, and stand with mic adaptor.  He said no.  So, in other words, this expensive piece of testing calibration equipment was just a dust collector, at best.


It's not having calibration equipment.

You got to know how to use it.  It's like yur next door neighbor getting a used x-ray machine and him telling you  he can get you a discount on x-rays if you go through him.  ACOUSTIC TRANSDUCERS LABORATORIES  has has a testing, research, and claibration laboratory since the '80s.  In fact, Jeff Roland of Jeff Roland Research Group came to our facility to test his latest power amplifier.  There he discovered a design error that he would  not have found otherwise.


It's the whole enchilada.

To create a satisfying audio with video system, one needs a designer that knows:

  • How to design a system to satisfy the workable needs of the customer.

  • What the room will do to the system.

  • Which items to get.

  • Where to put them.

  • How they should be installed correctly.

  • How to test them to be sure they are all working as planned.

  • How to claibrate them to make the entire system operate at its best.

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System Design Service Charges

The overall cost of a system is the CORRECT way to look at the project cost.  At ACOUSTIC TRANSDUCERS LABORATORIES, we do not have "got-cha's"; we do not sell left-overs; we do not have high priced, low quality produsts that we are forced to push; we do not have over-paid installers; we offer what you NEED - the design of the system, the review of the installation, and the calibration of it..


Typically, along with the decades of research and experience we already have to use in the specific design, a system sevice typically requires 20 hours of direct research, design, development, supervision, and calibration.  The development process takes time — we do not sell cook-book designs.

The initial packet of design time is that 20 hours for new system design - staring with either new construction design or just a room that does not have any existing BUILT-IN audio equipment.


The charge is $5,000 — a bargain since you’re getting better sound, more enjoyment at a lower overall project price.

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An Example of the Design Process


This link takes you to a simple explanation of a system redesign for the Master bedroom A/V system.  

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