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This Family Room Design Example



Since 1968,

offering the many gifts of music… and of sound with sight… enjoyed by all, all of the time

through innovative, knowledgeable, high value, high-fidelity A/V system designs.

Creating the most enjoyble A/V system for the most used room!

Family Room A/V System Design Service Detail

This is the most requested design because this system is the most used.  Also, it is the most important system to get designed correctly because it is the most used by the most people — the most, long term critics.

Table of Contents

·         The basic process of our design service

·         An example of an ATL SeriesX Certified A/V system

·         Additional improvements of this example

·         Benefits of using our design service

·         The short version of our design service

·         A list of the improvements our speaker array offers

In this room, we start with… the room since the location of the speakers and TV are relatively limited.


We then design the SeriesX Certified speaker array and the included TV (this is kind of tricky) and suggest those components.

Once a speaker/TV design is accepted, we design a suggested set of electronics with their proposed location.


Once, the electronic set is  accepted, we recommend the interconnections.


Once the interconnection set is accepted, we design the installation.

Then, check on the installation.


Once completed, we test and calibrate the entire system.


And, voila, our customer has…

“The best TV they’ll ever hear;

 the best “stereo” they’ll ever see.”



offers the many gifts of music and of sound with sight that is enjoyed by everyone, all of the time.


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This is a picture of our Family Entertainment Room showroom.


  • The speaker systems are inconspicuous.

  • The electronics are not visible.

  • There is no SINGLE center channel speaker (for good reason) - this is one of the important aspects of the SeriesX Certified speaker array. 

  • There are two sub-woofers (actually there are two subwoofer behind each grill) - this is another very important aspect of the ATL SeriesXTM certified speaker array.

  • The side and rear spekaer systems were necessarily mounted in the ceiling (the side on a parallel surface; the rear on an angled one).  

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Additional accomplisments with this system:

Although, the system is an ATL SeriesX certified one, the room construction limited the options and reduced the high fidelity potential.  To try to correct these many acoustic limitations, a Newcastle 972 receiver with Trinnov processing is used.

The improvements:

  • Despite being next to the TV chassis, the  center speaker now sounds like the front ones.

  • The ceiling mounted rear and surround speaker systems sound like they are lowered.

  • The eratic frequency response caused by the severely asymetic room has been corrected.

> for more details about designing a Family Entertainment room, click this link.

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Benefits using any of our design services: 

  • Best-options selection of system capabilities vs. customer desires.

  • Much better selection of the all-important speaker systems.

  • Lower cost, higher performance, and newer model selection of all of the components.

  • Correct placement of the speaker systems and the rest of the components.

  • Best routing of the cabling.

  • Accurate assistance in the installation.

  • The very important, accurate calibration of the completed system.

  • Lower overall price since we use our decades of selling experience and testing knowledge to suggest the best products for the price.

  • You only pay for what you directly get because the decades of design and product knowledge is “free” with the service, you only pay for the direct design and research time

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ATL Design Service, the short-short version:  

  1. You tell us what you want.

  2. We tell you what you can get.

  3. We tell you what you should buy.

  4. You buy what you want.

  5. We tell you how it should be installed.

  6. You get it installed while we inspect.

  7. We test and calibrate the system.

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ATL SeriesX TM Certified Home Theater System SM

Ten reasons why this custom A/V speaker system array is superior to all other home theater systems:

I.             Superior center channel imaging

II.          Superior center to side imaging

III.       Superior bass imaging

IV.       Superior "sweet spot"

V.          Superior vocalizations

VI.       Superior whole sound integration

VII.    Superior speaker ensemble integration

VIII. Superior surround speaker system integration

IX.       Superior enjoyment

X.          Superior value


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