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The Staged DRM Design



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One of the most enjoyable loudspeaker systems ever created!

The DRM Stage IIi SW: a true reference speaker system




Based on the legendary Diatone DRM (Digital Reference Monitor -- DS-505), this system converts this studio monitor into a home system - a studio monitor that was the creation of multiple years and millions of dollars of research by Japan's premiere loudspeaker manufacturer because the managers of this company felt it was their priviledge and obligation to produce the most revealing, most accurate loudspeaker system ever because their parent company created  the most revealing, most accurate type of recording - the new recording capability that would become CDs.


P.S.  The original name for this type of recording was "DAD" (Digital Audio Disc); but was changed for an obvious reason.


P.P.S. It was NOT Sony or Philips that created the technology to create CDs, it was Mitsubishi that created and developed PCM (Pulse Code Modulation).  Philips created the format and let Sony claim it so that Sony would not battle against it with their own format version, like Sony did against JVC with the Beta (Sony) vs. VHS (JVC) cassette tape format standard.

Includes a pair of matched passive subwoofers (the only accurate kind!) that extends the 60 Hz low-end (-3 dB) of the DRMs to a system low that goes below 20 Hz.

Also, the DRM Stage IIi SW Reference Loudspeaker System includes modified Kimber Kable 8TC wiring.

Only one pair available.

And... man of man, they're GREAT! I just played a DXD processed Sheffiend Labs recording and the COLOSSUS recorded Mozart discs and... WOW! - the better the recording, the better the sound! I literally jumped on the drum kicks, and that piano... it was like I had a concert grande in The Music Room. Oh , if you miss out on this last pair, I'm sure that the mbl 101 X-tremes are just as good. BUT, you better have a BIG room to put them in... and you need $263,000.00 to buy them.


$49,995 per: two (2) symentric tweeter banks (each containe a tweeter and a supertweeter) and the customized 8TC Kimber Kable speaker wire to connect to the "satellites"), two (2) symetric "satellites" (each contain the improved mid-range and improved woofer) with improved cross-overs, two symetric, improved subwoofers mounted on Tip-toes metal feet (4) with improved cross-overs, and the customized 8TC Kimber Kable speaker wire to connect the "satellites" to a power amplfier and connect the subwoofers to a power amplifier - no external cross-over is needed since passive ones are bulit-in.


Details of the design of the Staged DRM Reference Speaker system

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