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This Dining/Living Room Example



Since 1968,

offering the many gifts of music… and of sound with sight… enjoyed by all, all of the time

through innovative, knowledgeable, high value, high-fidelity A/V system designs.

Creating a welcoming environment for guests!

For These Many Different Types of Rooms, the Design Philosophy is the Same!


   The Design Philosophy:

To comfort the clientele, be it: dinner guests or welcomed guests at home or at a business.

And how do you do that?

I’m going to give you a discomforting but apt analogy – smoking.  The reason why smoking is so addictive is because it does two things at the same time: relax you and stimulate you, albeit through harmful drugs.

Now, a quality music system does exactly the same thing.  But, it has to be a quality music system or it can do the exact opposite.

An example: why do heavy metal guitarists use massive amount of distortion?  To get your attention via irritation.

Why do classical string instrument music performers prefer their Stradivarius violin or cello.  Because the sound is so pure.

A cheap or poorly designed or poorly installed music system can very easily irritate everyone because of its irritating sound.  And the worst aspect is that most people in such an environment will not notice that it is the music system that’s irritating them because it is not obvious; they will just get irritated with that irritating others around them – and at the retailer that made them feel irritated.

Fortunately, a properly designed, affordably chosen, and correctly installed audio system is not expensive.  In fact, such a system is a “best buy” for any retailer since it put their clientele in a better mode to do whatever the retailers is “selling”.

An example of a Dining Room installation

Note: the carefully selected speaker systems (4) are barely visible on the outsides of the curtains.

Of course, ACOUSTIC TRANSDUCERS LABORATORIES offers a service to design, assist in the inspection of the installation, and do the necessary testing and calibration of our systems.

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