Diatone DS-77HR
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One of the best bargains in almost reference speaker systems!

Diatone DS-77HR



The DS-77HR is based on the Diatone Flagship speaker system, the DRM (Digital Reference Monitor), that was created from a multi-million dollar research project to produce a revolutionary new recording studio monitor with the reproduction ability required by the new digital recording studios that Diatone created by developing the technology required to create all digital recordings, PCM (Pulse Code Modulation).


Now, some details of the 77s.


The cabinet construction is very low resonant.


The crossovers are the hand wired type – no pc board wiring. (see picture).


The woofers are made of a carbon fiber diaphragm on an aluminum honeycomb substrate on a cast aluminum frame - construction very few woofers in the world have (see picture of rear of woofer).


The titanium tweeters are continuous dome former construction.


The all-important mid-ranges uses the same basic construction of both the woofers and tweeters (see picture of mid-range).


Plus, the in-room frequency response is just about perfect (-1 dB per octave roll-off starting at 500 Hz).


The 77’s will be demonstrated on stands that are NOT included – used for the $28,000 DRM Stage I.


$600 per pair




* Driver Sizes Woofer: 12”, mid-range: 4”, Tweeter: 1”

* Impedance: 6 ohms

* Frequency Response: 35Hz to 30000Hz

* Sensitivity: 91dB/W/M

* Cross-over frequencies: 500Hz, 4000Hz

* Power Handling: 230W (EIA)

* Size: 15 inches x 26.8 inches x 12.8 inches

* Weight: 59.5 pounds each

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