Denon DRA-2000
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One of the best pre-amplifiers ever made!

Denon DRA-2000 preamplifier with MM/MC phono pre-preamp





This is the preamplifier used in the Reference System at Acoustic Transducers Laboratories.  We have upgraded the preamplifier to one that is currently available for sale.


The Denon PRA-2000 is a combination of the most expensive separate preamplifier with the most expensive moving coil pre-preamplifier Denon produced.  It was created during the time when Japanese high-end audio manufacturers competed with companies like Mark Levinson, except those products were much less expensive than the American counterparts.  The equivalent made today will cost about $6,850 (Halo JC 2 BP Preamplifier and JC 3 Phono Preamplifier – the most expensive preamplifier and the most moving coil pre-preamplifier made by Halo by Parasound), but they are not housed in that beautiful lacquered Rosewood case that the Denon is.


The characteristic sound of Denon products have always been smooth.  And with this pre-amp, that sound has been continued only more so, i.e. it has a much greater band-width and dynamic range than typical Denon products with that being a very hard task to achieve because usually, those performance charateristic cause a unit to sound harsh in the deep bass as Harman-Kardon units do or ring in the high frequencies as Onkyo units do; wereas most other units do not sound as good as any of these three.


But, there is a problem.


It is intermittent in operation, so you should be either technically inclined or willing to take it to a GOOD electronics repair shop. And to respect and resurrect the full superior performance of it, you should replace all of the electrolytic capacitors – fortunately, those type of caps are relatively cheap, but get good ones, i.e. don’t go to Radio Shack of them.


The main design strengths of the Denon PRA-2000 (like that of Mark Levinson type products, and those of Halo and Parasound) are from the minimalist/quality design approach, i.e. having no tone or loudness controls, having a recording output bypass, using very high quality parts (including using an Alps potentiometer for the volume attenuator), and using a very high current power supply.


Item: Control amplifier (Preamplifier)

MC Preamplifier (Phono 3)

Input sensitivity/impedance 0.125mV/100 ohms

Maximum permissible input 19mV (1k Hz)

THD 0.003% or less (20 - 20k Hz)

Frequency response 20-100k Hz ±0.2dB

Signal to noise ratio (IHF-A) 79dB

Input conversion noise level -157dBV

Separation 70dB or more (20 - 20k Hz)

Gain (only head amplifier part): 26dB


MM Preamplifier (Phono1, 2)

Input sensitivity/impedance 2.5mV/50kohm

The change to 100 ohms is possible for Phono2.

Maximum permissible input 380mV (1k Hz)

The maximum except take-off/output power 23V/150mV

THD 0.002% or less (20 - 20k Hz, 4V output)

RIAA deflection: 20Hz-100k Hz ±0.2dB

Signal to noise ratio (IHF-A) 86dB

Separation 100dB or more (20 - 1k Hz), 90dB or more (20k Hz)

Gain 35.6dB (1k Hz)



Input sensitivity/impedance Tuner, AUX, Tape 1, 2 150mV/50kohm

Maximum permissible input 23V


The maximum except take-off/Output power 25V/1.5V

THD 0.002% or less (20 - 20k Hz, 3V output)

Frequency response 10Hz-100k Hz+0 -0.1 dB, 10-500k Hz +0 -1 dB

Signal to noise ratio (IHF-A) 105dB or more

Separation (20 - 20k Hz) 100dB or more (Volume MAX), 80dB or more (Volume-20dB)

Gain 20dB

Muting - 20dB & -infinity

Subsonic Filter 16Hz, 12 dB/oct

TIM distortion: 0.003% or less

IM distortion 0.002% or less


Internal Components

The semiconductor used Transistor: 149

 FET: 14

 IC: 1

 Diode: 68

Rectification stack: 3

Reed relay: 7

Relay: 2

LED: 6


AC outlet Power-switch linkage: Two lines

Power-switch un-interlocking.: One line

Power consumption 38 W

Dimensions 17.9 inches width, 5.2 inches height, 14 inches depth

Weight: 23 pounds, 2 ounces

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