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Craig's Blog


Well, this January 7th to the 10th, I'm going to the annual CES show in "Lost Wages", Nevada, alas, alone because my wife got a bad first impression when we went there with my daughters to celebrate my birthday - Las Vegas will overwhelm you if you do not go with someone who has been there several times... AND you let them guide you - she didn't, she lost, because Las Vegas is truly The Adult Disneyworld!

But, I'm not going for the gambling (after I lose fifty bucks, I'm through and I look at that money as the entrance fee to see fabulous decorated gambling halls).  I'm not going there for the shows although you'll not see a better selection of outstanding shows at better prices anywhere.

Of course, I'm going there to meet-up and catch-up with old buddies in the home-audio high-fidelity fraternity.  And, I'll be looking (and listening) for the best values in: floor-standing speaker system (lots of potential products, but not many that work for us "common folk" who have ordinary, realistic room), receivers (Sherwood Newcastle is reducing their superb, high value offerings), phono cartridges (not a fan of Clear Audio any more), in-wall/in-ceiling loudspeaker systems (Parasound no longer offers them), and high-quality, high-value 3-D TVs (I'm a very strong advocate of them).

An interesting and heart warming trend: two-channel, i.e. music, systems are making a comeback. 

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