Bedroom A/V System Design
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This Bed Room Design Example



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Bedroom A/V System Design Service Detail

   This is the wall opposite the one with the bed on it.



The bathroom


On the other side of this wall (in the bathroom) is mounted the on-wall speakers for the bathroom — a different source can be played on these speakers than those in the bedroom, such as music for the bath and TV news for the bedroom.

> for more details about the design of this bed room suite entertanment system, click this link.

In this room we start with… the room since the location of the speakers and TV are relatively limited.


Although our SeriesX Certified speaker array design is superior to all other surround-sound speaker design, it is not needed in this room, maybe a simple 4.1 system, but usually only a 2.1 is used with that configuration chosen for this showroom.


Once a speaker/TV design is accepted, we design the speaker set for the master bathroom.


Once that set is accepted, we suggest a set of speakers for the master bathroom.


Once that set is accepted, we suggest a set of electronics with their proposed location.


Once, the electronics design is  accepted, we recommend the interconnections.


Once the interconnection set is accepted, we design the installation.


Then, check on the installation.


Once completed, we test and calibrate the entire system with the last being very important in this room since pleasant sound is imperative.


And, voila, our customer has…


“The best TV, ever heard,

 The best ‘stereo’ ever seen.”



offers that many comforts of music and of sound with sight that is enjoyed by the adults, all of the time…. especially in the morning and evening… and those special times.

ATL Design Service

The short-short version:  

  1. You tell us what you want.

  2. We tell you what you can get.

  3. We tell you what you should buy.

  4. You buy what you want.

  5. We tell you how it should be installed.

  6. You get it installed while we inspect.

  7. We test and calibrate the system.

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