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Since 1968,

offering the many gifts of music… and of sound with sight… enjoyed by all, all of the time

through innovative, knowledgeable, high value, high-fidelity A/V system designs.

About ATL

How It All Began


    The founder, Craig Rutten, began his love of designing quality audio systems in 1966 when, on a fateful night after being dumped by his high school sweetheart for a fraternity brother, he took solace in the dorm room of his fraternity sponsor.  There, he was asked by his sponser who had an impressive looking component high-fidelity sound system, which turntable he should purchase.

    The choice was between a made in England, beautiful Garrard SL-95B transcription turntable that used an Afrormosia wood / aluminum laminate arm and was housed in sculptured walnut cabinet or a Germany made, plain looking, silver and black Dual 1019 with a nice walnut base and a simple dust cover.

    Mr. Rutten’s  reply was a question, “Which sounds better?”

    His answer: “The Dual.”

    Mr. Rutten's reply, “Then, it’s obvious, get the Dual.”

    “You know, you’re right.  Thanks.”

    With new found confidence and more than expected time on his hands, Mr. Rutten went out to get himself one of these new entertainment things called "stereos".  After a few weeks, he returned to his now friend and stated, “I’m planning on getting a stereo, also.  And after a lot of research and listening, I’ve chosen the Radio Shack Electrostat 8’s.”

    The immediate reply was, “Oh, God, not those.  Get what I’ve got, the AR-4x.”

    Mr. Rutten did.

    And after listening to his new stereo for several months, he was not sure if he had made the correct choice.  So, he went back to Radio Shack and asked to listen to the Electrostatic 8s again.  After only a few moments, he told the sales person, “Please, turn them off.”  And he left knowing that he would have chosen horribly wrong if he had not taken the advice of the much more learned colleague.

And he set out to learn correctly, this time… and share his knowledge because he loved to listen to music with his music “saving” him many times since then.  

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A Brief but a Very Important History Lesson  


    For a potential client to decide which consultant will do the best job for him, that person should ask the background of that consultant.  In particular, the era that consultant grew up in.  Mine was during the heyday of high-fidelity… true high-fidelity when the quality of sound was king!

    That era was the seventies when the technology of music reproduction had matured by the efforts of the high-fidelity pioneers, like: Saul Marantz, Frank McIntosh, James B. Lancing, Avery Fisher, H. & H. Scott, Henry Kloss, Malcolm S. Low, J. Anton Hoffman, Sidney Harmon. Edgar Villchur, and many more.

    Today’s consultants are often motivated by something besides the quality reproduction abilities of their designs.  For example, for a while I worked for the leading home audio and video system installers in Austin, Dyer Electronics.  Their main audio designer, Kyle, told me that the most important designe parameter for their customers in their opinion was: "When will the job be done".

    Unfortunately, today’s consumers are more interested in aspects of their stereo besides how accurately it reproduces.  I remember one day a neighbor who knew that I ran an audio store, invited me to see his wonderful stereo.  I was interested because I’m always interested in learning, so I went to his home where his demonstration of its capabilities was strictly pushing the remote control on button to show me that all of the units turn on with a myriad of lights – that was it!  He never played any music on it!  To demonstrate the differences in philosophy, the best system that we demonstrate cannot have all of the units turned on via on remote button even with a specialty system remote.  But, after the pre-amplifier is turned on manually, the rest of the audio system does turn on remotely, and it could happen if we used a different preamp - one of slightly lower quality.  But, we are true to the sound and we're frugile with the dollar.

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Retail Outlets that Mr. Rutten has Either Worked for or Owned:  

· Discount Stereo

· The Stereo Shop

· Home Entertainment

· C & S  AUDIO

· Radio Shack

· Circuit City

· dyer electronics

· Acoustic Transducers Laboratories  

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Some of the Audio Lines that Mr. Rutten has Sold:  

· McIntosh

· Marantz

· Mitsubishi

· Micro-Seiki

· Denon

· Stanton

· Shure

· Dynaco

· Celestion

· Kenwood

· Pioneer

· Garrard

· Dynavector

· Parasound

· New Castle

· Advent

· Sherwood


· AR


· B&O



· B&W

· Braun

· Hafler

· Dual

· Yamaha

· Harmon/Kardon

· Citation  

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To contact us:

Craig Rutten, Senior System Designer 


3917 Kristencreek Ln

Round Rock, TX 78681-1001

Phone: 512-547-2410

General e-mail: info@AcousticTransducersLaboratories.com

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